Dr. Murphy offers a variety of services.


Dr. Murphy has an extensive history in research.


By appointment only. Please call us to schedule an appointment.

Advanced Care

Dr. Murphy specializes in depression, anxiety, and sleep disorders.


We respect the privacy of our patients and strive to make our office and appointments as private as possible.

Professional Athletes

Individually tailored appointments can be arranged for professional athletes.

A few words about Dr. Murphy

I excel in healing depression, anxiety, attention/focus, sleep and weight problems. I know the proper use of medications, and know how to safely taper you off them, if you do not need them. By treating the whole body and mind, I am able to help patients return to a natural balance in life. Many physical symptoms, including pain and metabolic disorders, can also be treated by addressing brain health. Not all drugs are good or beneficial, and having a doctor who played a role in researching and developing the medications you may take, is something I want you to use to your advantage.

I practiced adult and child Psychiatry privately in Beverly Hills, CA for over 20 years. I also played a major role in the development of many medications prescribed today; having conducted well over 300 clinical trials. I know the potential pros and cons of the medications commonly prescribed. With decades of experience in both medical research and private practice on Bedford Drive in Beverly Hills, I possess a unique skill set to help almost anyone who desires to improve his or herself. Still independent of hospitals and insurers, I have time to see each patient as an individual.

24 years

In Practice

Over 300

Clinical Trials

20 Years

Of Private Practice